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I really enjoy building wood craftsman passenger car kits.  A string of wood LaBelle passenger cars were among the first craftsman kits I ever built.  These can be seen on the Roundhouse page under Passenger Equipment.  

Back around 1982 I discovered the Westwood line of passenger car kits which at that time were already out of production.  I had purchased one of the kits are a local swap meet and wondered what others were available.  This was pre Internet so the resources that are currently available to us for finding these kits was not available to me at that time. 

Using information I got off the instructions that came with that first kit, I tracked down the owner who lived in Indiana and through a series of snail mail correspondence I was able to procure from him about a dozen of these kits.  That initial shipment represented a combination of cars which was to fill my order as well as those of several modeling friends. 

During that series of correspondence the owner let if be known that if I supplied him with a drawing or set of plans he would provide me with all the parts necessary to built a particular car, as long as it could be built from components he had on hand.  With that information, several years later, I asked him to piece together the parts necessary to build a V&T Duck Billed coach which was similar, but not exactly the same as two limited production kits he had already issued. He supplied me the parts in kit form and I presented it to a good friend of mine.  Because the sides of these cars are built from individual window and door components, the arrangement of the windows and doors can be easily changed to represent a number of prototypes or a car reflecting the modelers unique vision. 

Recently there has been some talk about the Westwood line of kits on several of the model railroad bulletin boards I monitor.  Some interested parties were asking about a catalog or brochures.  For those of you who are interested I am providing these scans of the original brochures.  There are four pages for the Southern Pacific and Pennsylvania series of cars and two for the B&O series of cars.  Also be aware that the 10 section Sleeping Car of the SP and Pennsy sets are the same.  Also note that the B&O set have narrow vestibules.

Building these cars can be challenging however current modelers are replacing the wood siding components to which the windows and doors are laminated, with styrene and that simplifies construction a bit. The two cars shown were both built by my friend Harold Shelton and are part of a set of five these beautiful cars I purchased from him.  Now if I can just get the other three finished…..

Westwood SP Sunset Limited sheet 1, sheet 2, sheet 3,sheet 4
Westwood Pennsylvania Limited sheet 1, sheet 2, sheet 3, sheet 4
Westwood Baltimore and Ohio Royal Blue sheet 1, sheet 2



Greg Gutgsell
09/14/2013 2:29pm

Great web site and superb content ! Sixty three years of HO plus 17 more in Lionel and "O scale" have yielded a wealth built and yet to be built stuff. My "want list " is constrained by age and a recent ,very destructive house fire. Restoration with a modest layout is thus the order of the day.
I notice that you have done extensive rehab on elderly brass. I have much to refurbish but am immediately looking to put back in running order a RDG T-1 (DC) that needs can repowering, DCC/sound, one axle knurling and driver re-quartering.
Is this of interest?
Sincerely, Greg Gutgsell, Bettendorf, Iowa

04/20/2014 11:31am


Sorry for the very late reply. I did not see you comments to my posting. I no longer take in work from customers out of state and the time I have available for local customers is also rather limited. You may consider having a local hobby shop take a look at your project or contacting Ken Clark at ken@shastasprings.com. You can see some of his work at his Shastasprings.com WEB site.

03/14/2015 10:51am

I came across your information doing a Google search. I really love these kits. I built several kits for a customer and have gathered two complete sets of the Pennsylvania Limited, two sets of the Ma&Pa cars, two CP cars, and at least ten of the B&O cars. A friend had a set of the B&O decals which I used to make reproduction decals. Do you know of anyplace I can get decals for the Pennsylvania cars? I had a set but lost them. Thanks.
Jerry Dembeck

03/14/2015 6:32pm

I have never had to look for the Pennsy decals so I really cannot help you. I remember that some of the old Walthers metal passenger cars had Pennsy decals but I am not sure if they were appropriate for the era.


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